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Spring Hangers followed their own evolution. As in the case of mountings, early spring hangers had very stiff, tall, unstable springs and it was not unusual to sell hangers with 0.375"(10mm) deflection. Spring Hangers contained no rubber for high frequencies and the first improvement was the introduction of a rubber washer. This was normally located under the top of the box, or later on against the spring cup on top of the spring.

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A steel washer over the rubber washer spread the load to the outside of the steel spring so a cheaper steel  cup could be used. When the rubber washer was located under the  top of the box or over the steel spring, the design was still extremely  poor as there was nothing to keep the rubber washer centered on the  steel cup. Thus, the steel hanger rod would rub the steel cup or the  steel hanger box and short circuit the action of the rubber. This was not  recognized as a worry in that era, so the next step was to increase the  deflection. Since spring stability was not clearly understood increased  deflection  was  accomplished  by  making  the  springs  taller,  but  not  necessarily larger in diameter. The springs could not collapse or fall over  because the lower hole in the box continued to be conveniently small.  When the spring tended to topple, the rod would hit the side of the box  and stop. Of course, the rubber continued to be short circuited and often  the rods would lock vertically (especially if they were fully threaded) so that the springs were bypassed as well
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